6th Asia International Conference on Tribology, 2018

Scoring the conference may represent a big win for Malaysia and its Tribology sector, but this is only the beginning for the organisers

The Asia International Conference on Tribology (ASIATRIB) is a quadrennial event and part of a series of International Tribology Conferences held under the auspices of the Asian Tribology Council, the apex body of the national tribology society of Asia-Pacific countries.
In 2018, Malaysia will become the first South-east Asian country to host ASIATRIB. Associate professor Mohd Fadzli Bin Abdollah, who is secretary of the organiser, Malaysian Tribology Society (MYTRIBOS), said: “It is an opportunity for us, as the local hosts, to further introduce our society and promote our available expertise to delegates from around the world.”

MYTRIBOS members would also get to network with industry peers from around the world, engage with current research in the field of tribology and make an impact, some considerations leading up to the decision to host the event.

On why Kuching was a standout choice, Mohd Fadzli said: “Sarawak is in mystical Borneo and has diverse cultural heritage. We think (such a unique destination) will attract the attention and interest of international participants. Here’s an opportunity for them to see the rainforest, the endangered orang utan and tribal longhouses, things you don’t get to see in Tier 1 Asian cities.”

He added: “Delegate boosting activities are very important with previous conferences having seen a 50 per cent turnout of international participants. We are getting support from Sarawak Convention Bureau, which will help in promoting this conference overseas.”
Apart from the CVB, the conference will also be supported by the International Tribology Council and the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation Malaysia.

Acknowledging that economic uncertainties in the world may pose a challenge to meeting the target, Mohd Fadzli and the organising team are working hard to promote the conference abroad and plan to continue doing so at the 6th World Tribology Congress 2017 in Beijing.

Having good content is also important to ensure a good turnout. MYTRIBOS plans to invite six renowned speakers from the Tribology Community as keynote speakers over three days. “We are looking at inviting speakers from different continents (including one from Malaysia). Conference participants will also be invited to publish their papers in high impact journals such as Tribology International and Jurnal Tribologi,” explained Mohd Fadzli.

Another challenge Mohd Fadzli foresees is getting sponsorship for the conference as many companies are tightening their belts in view of the challenging climate. But he said the team already has a list of companies it’d like to approach, including those who have supported the Malaysia International Tribology Conference 2015 held in Penang.

He continued: “We are giving a good offer to potential sponsors by providing exhibition booths at discounted rates and an opportunity for them to market their brand on our website and conference materials.”

Event 6th Asia International Conference on Tribology (ASIATRIB2018)
Organiser Malaysian Tribology Society
Date September 17 – 20, 2018
Venue Kuching
Number of Participants Targeting around 300
Challenges Meeting target number of foreign participants; attracting sponsors

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