Association Chiefs

Small but mighty

A small membership base has not deterred Sabah Birdwatchers Association from thinking big and organising the state’s first Asian Bird Fair. Roger Rajah, organising chairman for the Asian Bird Fair 2023, and also the vice president of Sabah Birdwatchers Association, shares more

Wind beneath its wings

Sia Kheng Yok, chief executive of the Association of Aerospace Industries (Singapore), talks about how the association creates neutral grounds to discuss and explore safety, security, or sustainability ideas, as well as share best practices and innovative solutions for the betterment of the industry

For the love of animals

Dona Drury Wee, president of the Sarawak Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals and organiser for Asia for Animals Coalition Conference 2023 shares more about the upcoming conference in Kuching, and what legacies the association aims to leave behind

Cooking up a storm

Edmund Toh, president of Disciples Escoffier International (DEI) Singapore Delegation, shares more about his fledging association and its mission to nurture budding chefs

Chris Lim: Grand franchising ambitions

Philippine Franchise Association (PFA) president for 2022 and 2023, Chris Lim, knows he has big shoes to fill. He shares more about his upcoming plans, and what it's like to be the head of an association that was started by his father and other industry pioneers 27 years ago

Bima Laga: Digital transformation from the ground up

Bima Laga, chairman of the Indonesian E-Commerce Association (idEA), pushes ahead to empower SMEs in Indonesia, in order to build an industry in which businesses that use e-commerce will be able to thrive

Roy Ariel: Sustainable tourism at a critical juncture

Sustainability in the travel and tourism industry has become the most discussed subject, accelerated by the pandemic. However, Roi Ariel, general manager of Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC), says the industry needs accountability and greater public awareness

Elicia Lee: Levelling up

Elicia Lee, chairperson of the Singapore Games Association (SGGA), and managing director of Eliphant, a Singapore-based game marketing and esports specialist, shares how far the fledgling association has come, and lays out the work cut out for her in her journey to build a sustainable ecosystem for gaming in the country