Case Studies

Pushing the digital frontier

The physical CAREhab 2020 was morphed into a virtual affair due to the pandemic, where the latter provided healthcare professionals with access to convenient learning, cross-sharing opportunities and networking activities

A virtual leap

The International Society for Professional Innovation Management has just 11 weeks to switch its conference in Berlin onto an online platform, something it has never done before

Navigating the digital shift

The coronavirus pandemic pushed the Singapore Association of Convention & Exhibition Organisers & Suppliers to host its first-ever virtual AGM.

Resilience amid uncertainty

Despite social unrest in host city Hong Kong, organisers of two Natural Language Processing conferences shoulder on, drawing 1,900 attendees

Linking up across oceans

The Teochew International Federation convened in Auckland for its 20th edition, providing delegates with trade and business opportunities.

Smooth flying into the future

An established working relationship with an experienced organiser helps up- and-coming Chengdu deliver a successful Airport Cities event

Going from strength to strength

The 10th edition of the International Conference on Materials for Advanced Technologies remains a crowd-puller, despite increasing competition

Third time’s the charm

Dubai shows how its persistence to win eventually paid off, and how it upped the ante by making the congress an even more meaningful one