Songdo Convensia plots future sustainability course

Songdo ConvensiA, the first convention centre in Asia to achieve LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification for New Construction back in 2008, has reiterated its commitment to its sustainability efforts.

As of this month, the venue located in Incheon, South Korea, has mandated the use of reusable cups by all conference and exhibition organisers. These cups have been provided by the Incheon Metropolitan City.

Songdo ConvensiA has mandated that all event organisers utilise reusable coffee cups

Youn-soo Sho, head of Songdo ConvensiA Division, shared: “Incheon Metropolitan City has provided invaluable support for our sustainability efforts. They generously contributed 10,000 reusable cups, covered logistics expenses, and assisted with a portion of the cleaning costs. Their commitment to environmental initiatives aligns with our shared goal of creating a more sustainable and eco-friendly event space.”

Wanting to create a positive impact beyond environmental considerations, Sho added that the venue has also partnered with the Incheon Namdong Regional Self-reliance Center to provide employment opportunities – through the washing and maintenance of the reusable cups – for disadvantaged individuals.

Other sustainability initiatives at the venue include the establishment of 12 ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) event implementation standards for organisers; providing financial support to events that meet three or more of the ESG event implementation standards; and the hosting of ESG-related seminars.

“Eco-friendly campaigns to promote sustainable practices among visitors to the venue are also run,” stated Sho.

Moving forward, Songdo ConvensiA will continue to build and continue to beef up its sustainability credentials.

“We intend to install digital kiosks to reduce the need for physical banners, explore more ways to reduce or eliminate single-use items and materials across operations, and regularly monitor and report on sustainability metrics (waste reduction, energy efficiency, and carbon emissions) to track progress and identify areas for improvement,” elaborated Sho.

In a boost to its sustainability credentials, Songdo ConvensiA also achieved the Earth Check Silver Certification in 2021.