Perrier launches campaign at new venue Stacked Samui

To bolster the idea of Perrier as a lifestyle drink in Thailand, and an ideal base for cocktails and mocktails, Perrier launched a campaign at Stacked, itself a new venue with a fresh concept in Samui, located at the one-year-old Ozo Chaweng Samui.

Some 85 hoteliers, F&B professionals, restaurant owners, suppliers and media members attended the event and were treated to, what else, special mixology using the sparkling mineral water, such as Mango Sparkler. Just the drink needed for the summer season, it comprises a mix of 30ml of mango syrup, 15ml of elder-flower syrup, 10ml of lime juice, a dash of Samui rum and ice, then topped with Perrier to the desired intensity and decorated with diced mango and a slice of lemon.

Traditionally, Perrier is ritually served pure or with just a slice of lemon. But as the brand has since been associated with famous artists and world-class sporting events, Perrier is now a more lively social drink, trending towards mixology. “Sparkling water is generally not well known in the Thai community and rather seen as a cheap drink which can be used with Thai spirits,” said Ingo Domaschke, Perrier launches campaign at new venue Stacked Samui general manager of Ozo Chaweng Samui.

As Perrier is associated with art, the event at Stacked also featured art such as Andy Warhol, Jean-Claude Forest, Bernard Villemot and Daaniel Vignat. Limited edition Art by Perrier
were given to guests. The event also showcased Stacked as venue for product launches for planners seeking something fresh and new along popular Chaweng Beach Road.

Stacked offers Californian comfort food with a twist. Chef Matthew Rubin, a California native, ‘surfs up” hearty dishes such as the Wagyu Tomahawk, an 800g Australian longbone Rib-Eye steak to satisfy the hardiest of carnivores, and lighter dishes, like the Greek Tower Salad, stacked to perfection of course.

The venue’s chic and fun vibes make it a relaxing place to break the ice among delegates. Raised two metres above street level, delegates on the outdoor wooden deck which can seat 110 diners are able to see the full action of Chaweng Beach Road without the discomfort of the crowd. The indoor area seats
75 pax.

Stacked is open daily from 12.00 to 01.00, with a special late-night menu from 23.00 onwards. Tel: (66) 77-915-222