Cairns Convention Centre supports turtle rehabilition

The Cairns Convention Centre has partnered with the non-profit organisation Cairns Turtle Rehabilitation Centre (CRTC) to sponsor the rehabilitation of Sharon, an injured turtle.

Sharon was found at Mission Beach and had been floating for such a long period of time that she had full-thickness sunburn through her entire shell.

A recovering turtle at the Cairns Turtle Rehabilitation Centre

Cairns Convention Centre’s general manager, Janet Hamilton, said: “CTRC does such an incredible job in the region looking after injured and sick turtles and not only did we want to promote their work we wanted to get involved ourselves.”

“Sponsoring Sharon is a great opportunity to help our local marine life and showcase event legacy opportunities for clients hosting events in Cairns. Events have an opportunity to create a lasting impact on our local environment and marine life when they come to our region, and we wanted to show them first-hand an organisation that they can get involved with.”

CTRC is dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation, research, and release of sick and injured marine turtles. The centre comprises an Intensive Care Unit, Turtle Rehabilitation Centre and, an educational display for visitors to experience.

The organisation has helped nurse hundreds of sick and injured reptiles back to health over the past 20 years, releasing them back onto the Great Barrier Reef after an extended period of rehabilitation. Upon release, turtles will also have a non-invasive satellite tracker attached to them to monitor their health profile and movements for research.